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Short description of Professional subscription plan

Professional subscription is the most complete version of the Timesheet Validation service oriented to consultancy companies. Like Personal plan, il allows timesheets validation, but it is also possible to create and validate contracts, create invoices from timesheets, manage the list of client companies and assign account managers per company.

What is the activity flow within Professional subscription plan?

After registration, you need to configure your organization. Organization configuration starts with definition of some default parameters like currency and VAT, listing of approved client companies and assignment of account manager for each company.

Account managers may create contracts with assigned companies and validate with them service rates and types. Once validated by client service rates cannot change. Lists of actors and their roles are also stored in the contract.

Actors with Provider or Consultant roles within the contract may add timesheets to this contract. The process is identical to the Personal plan but contains some important variations.

First, only users specified in contract as Project manager actors may be selected as recepients of timesheet validation requests. Second, when adding time unit to the timesheet the consultant must specify one of the contract service rates.

After the timesheet is validated a new invoice may be created from it by an actor with Provider role. Invoice may contain lines from timesheets or manual entries. The PDF version of an invoice will have a clear indications to distinguish validated lines from non-validated lines and from manual entries.

What a difference compared to the Personal subscription plan?

Timesheets created in this version are linked to client contracts and only actors with Provider or Consultant role in the contract can create timesheets.

Validation requests may only be sent to an actor with Project manager role specified in the contract. It is not possible to use custom email addresses for validation.

When adding timesheets consultant must select the contract for which the new thimesheet will be created. If the user has roles in one only contract, this latter will be used by default.

When filling a timesheet the user must specify one of contract rates for each work unit. These rates are agreed with client on contract validation. Consultants can only see the rate label and type, but not the associated price.

Why I do not see the Add timesheet button?

One of the main differences of Professional plan is binding of timesheets to contracts (see Differences above). Only users specified as actors with Provider or Consultant roles in existing contract may add new timesheets. Add timesheet button is only displayed to users that have those roles granted.

To display this button for the user (and the corresponding ability to create new timesheets) the contract owner (or nay actor with Provider role within the contract) nedds to assign the user to the contract as Consultant.

Another possibility would be for the user to connect in Personal mode and create a contract-free timesheet.

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