Timesheet Validation

Discover the simplest method of online timesheets validation

Save time

Quickly fill the timesheet for the activity period and send the validation request to your customer.

The customer opens your timesheet and validates it in one click.

You transform the validated timesheet into invoice and send it to the customer.

Enhanced security

You confirm with your customer the terms of your contract. Rates of validated contracts can not be modified. Invoices use validated rates.

Unlocking of the validated contract leads to sending a notification to the validator.

Clear invoicing

Work units approved by the customer are clearly indicated on the invoice.

Keep informed

Configure reminders of various types.

You can ask to be notified to renew an expiring contract. Or notify the consultant to create a new timesheet at the end of each period.

Features by subscription plan

Creation of contract
Definition of rates
Definition of actors and roles
Configurable reminders
Invoice attributes
Reminders of contract renewal
Sending contract validation request
Contract validation
Adding comments to contracts
Creation of timesheet without a contract
Creation of timesheet linked to a contract
Creation of timesheet from email link
Automatic timesheet filling
Reminders of timesheet creation
Timesheet validation
Adding comments to timesheets
Creation of invoice from a timesheet
Adding invoice lines from a timesheet
Adding invoice lines manually
Saving invoices in PDF format
Sending invoice to the customer
Adding comments to invoices
Organization creation
Definition of default parameters for the organization
Adding users to the organization
Handling users rights
Handling the list of customer companies of the organization
Assigning customer companies to users
Renewal of organization subscription

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= Professional